Law Firm Anywhere

Your law firm’s ticket to work seamlessly from anywhere

Law Firm Anywhere

Your law firm’s ticket to work seamlessly from anywhere

Secure Virtual Desktop Solution


Being able to work seamlessly from anywhere has become a business imperative.

The best way to thrive through and beyond this pandemic is to give your attorneys and staff the exact same work experience at home and at the office, and to take the stress out of technology. 

We designed Law Firm Anywhere to do just that – while providing the kind of reliability and security that will actively fuel your firm’s growth objectives.


If working from outside your office is painful, if you don’t trust your IT team, or if you don’t know whether your data is secure, consider Law Firm Anywhere Virtual Desktops. This solution, powered by the globally ranked cloud and IT services firm Optimal Networks, provides:

Seamless Mobility

Work from any device, any location, with a uniform experience that is fast and reliable

Legal IT Team

We’ll care for your technology, your people, and your business with our helpdesk, System Administration, and CIO services

Advanced Security

Our solution has security awareness training, 24/7 hunt and kill software, and Control Tower services built in


A Miami law firm’s stress-free transition to working and billing from home during the pandemic.


The Law Firm Anywhere Experience

You work from the same, familiar Windows desktop experience whether you’re on your firm laptop, iPad, or home computer. You access all your applications: document and case management, time and billing, Office, Outlook, Acrobat, Slack, Teams, and more.

You call for help any day, any time, and we answer the phone. You have your own dedicated engineers and CIO services to maintain and advance your systems proactively.

Windows runs at top speed even if you’re using old computers because the real processing is done at our datacenter. The system stays up thanks to all the redundancies we’ve built in, and all your client data stays hyper-secure.

Your attorneys, staff, and clients all welcome the newfound agility, and your firm thrives through and beyond the economic downturn.


We understand that your firm has ethical, contractual, and regulatory obligations to keep your data protected—and that your clients ask you to complete detailed security audits as a precursor to doing business. 

We’ll help you complete those audits and pass with flying colors.

Artificially intelligent threat detection with ransomware rollback
24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and intervention
Built-in data classification and access controls

Security awareness training for all firm employees

Enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery
Policy creation and review

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“We’re not limited by walls. We’re entirely paperless. The fact that we went remote was entirely seamless… and that was because we were used to it.”
Allan Joseph || Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL

Building the Modern Law Firm

The team powering this solution is high touch, high tech, open book, communicative, predictable and everything else you would want in an IT team—and we’ve been doing this for nearly three decades.

In fact, we wrote the book on legal technology.

Published by Optimal’s Founder and CEO, Heinan Landa, in April 2020, The Modern Law Firm explores how law firms can navigate today’s tech-saturated, highly competitive landscape, and how to leverage technology for powerful competitive advantages.

(SPOILER: Virtual Desktops are a very good start, but the real key is shifting focus to exceptional customer service.)